BlackBerry CEO John Chen

Since taking charge as CEO at BlackBerry, John Chen has understandably been busy handling the agenda there, he has still managed to find some time to take part in various discussion forums elsewhere. One such occasion is coming up on October 17th where John Chen will be attending the Technologies that Matter series forum at the C.K.K. auditorium, Hong Kong Science Park, which is organised by the MIT Enterprise Forum Hong Kong.

Mobile is not just about phones anymore. As billions of objects - including cars, appliances and medical devices - connect to the Internet and each other, virtually every aspect of daily life will be transformed. But as mobile innovations seek to simplify how we live our lives, they introduce new levels of complexity into how businesses manage billions of new endpoints and how we define innovation. In an open and fun dialogue format on a Friday afternoon, John Chen, CEO, Blackberry, will share his view with us on the follow issues:

  • The challenges faced by businesses as technology moves toward more diverse and dispersed mobility, which is blurring the traditional lines between work and personal communication;
  • How security is more essential than ever – even as the definition changes from restricting what users can do to enabling them to do more;
  • The latest on BlackBerry's turnaround as the company that revolutionized mobile communications itself undergoes a rapid transformation to lead the next era of mobile computing

The agenda certainly looks interesting and knowing how John Chen handles his himself in public; it's sure to be entertaining. Sadly, there's no mention of whether or not the event will be streamed or made available for viewing later, but if you're in Hong Kong and can attend the event is free of charge. You can find out the full details via the Educational Post website.

via: BlackBerryClubs