Last week, BlackBerry CEO John Chen travelled to Hong Kong to speak at the Technologies that Matter forum and cover a wide range of topics as noted below. The event itself wasn't streamed, so we've all been waiting to see if a video of the appearance would be uploaded and luckily, one has now arrived courtesy of BlackBerryClubs.

  • The challenges faced by businesses as technology moves toward more diverse and dispersed mobility, which is blurring the traditional lines between work and personal communication;
  • How security is more essential than ever – even as the definition changes from restricting what users can do to enabling them to do more;
  • The latest on BlackBerry's turnaround as the company that revolutionized mobile communications itself undergoes a rapid transformation to lead the next era of mobile computing

You'll have to set aside some time to sit down and watch it if you're interested. The video comes in at just over an hour but it's worth the time spent if you're interested in getting a closer look at how John Chen thinks and feels about the mobile world, the Internet of Things, security, BlackBerry in China and more.