As expected, BlackBerry CEO, John Chen has been busy at Mobile World Congress this week talking with the press and hosting meetings surrounding the future of BlackBerry. Speaking to CNBC, Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp and the valuation of other messaging services came up and John Chen offered up his thoughts on the matter and whether or not he would sell off the BBM if the opportunity arose. 

I work for the shareholder. Standard answer. If somebody comes to me with $19 billion, I would definitely sell it. I would recommend to the board to take it.

To be clear though, Chen noted that he didn't look at BBM that way and wants to expand BBM as much as possible, which is clear when you look at the expansion of BBM currently happening. At MWC alone, BBM has expanded into Windows Phone as well as Nokia's X platform, launched a new Enterprise solution dubbed BBM Protected and John Chen is already looking at where he can take BBM next.