BlackBerry CEO John Chen discusses company strategy and new product launches

While speaking with CNBC at the Milken Institute's Global Conference, BlackBerry CEO John Chen teased the possibilities of a new app strategy for BlackBerry, but aside from that interview, he also settled in for a chat with Bloomberg where he discussed the revenue outlook for BlackBerry, the launch of new products and BlackBerry's hardware business.

Although much of the interview was Chen reiterating a lot of the same outline for the company as he has before such as BlackBerry returning to profitability, ensuring revenue growth and outlining efforts for reaching financial stabilization of the next three or four quarters, the discussion of handsets and the handset business will be of interest to most.

John Chen confirmed the 'slider' device previewed at Mobile World Congress will be shipping at the end of the year but the two other devices, one being the announced Porsche Design 'Keian' and although it wasn't named during the interview, perhaps the 'Oslo' 'may or may not make the end of the year'.

All in all, some interesting comments from Chen this time around, especially when it comes to device launches given some of the rumored dates we've seen tossed around. You can check out the video below or if it does not appear for you, hit up the Bloomberg site directly. You can also head on into the CrackBerry Forums and join some discussion surrounding what all was said in this interview.

In addition to the CNBC and Bloomberg interviews, John Chen also sat down with CNN Money to discuss many of the same items. Seems everyone wants to hit on the same things when speaking to the BlackBerry CEO but for CNN, the discussion around software changed a bit wherein Chen spoke of working with other companies to offer BlackBerry solutions to them, in this particular case, Apple came into the conversation.