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BlackBerry CEO John Chen has been all over the place recently. Attending CES 2019, posting up new blog posts on LinkedIn and most recently, sitting down with RBC Disruptors moderator John Stackhouse to discuss BlackBerry's big pivot. If you weren't able to catch the video earlier or be there live, you can now watch the replay.

BlackBerry — more innovative than ever.

From being the most valuable company on the TSX in 2007, to rapid, unexpected losses and plummeting share prices, BlackBerry has been through it all.

Enter CEO John Chen, who is reinventing the company by pivoting away from the competitive global hardware and handset market, and focusing on the strengths that were always key differentiators for the company — software security and privacy.

BlackBerry now offers enterprise security and privacy services to power the Internet-of-Things, including the automotive industry, healthcare, utility companies and government.

Chen has stabilized the company's financials and shifted its strategy. Now investors are ready for the company's next phase — growth. Join us to find out what's next on BlackBerry's agenda.

You'll have to set aside some time to take in the full conversation, but it's worth it given it seems as though John had some fun with it and was more relaxed with his answers surrounding everything from pivoting to software, security, and privacy, to the power of the BlackBerry brand.

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