With the Z10 officially arriving in the USA this week, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins was on location in New York City to celebrate the launch and spread the word via the US media that BlackBerry is back.

The CrackBerry team is also in NYC right now, so we were able to drop by Thorsten's hotel room on the eve of the launch and spend twenty minutes talking about the US launch and a whole lot more.  

We had some fun with this interview and did it up video style - be sure to watch our edited 7 minute video above. It's a great interview with a lot of honest straight talk from Thorsten. We cover a lot of topics. Beyond talking about the importance of regaining mind share and market share in the US, I even ask Thorsten the toughest BlackBerry 10 question of them all.... if you had to choose between the Z10 and Q10 (and your answer can't be both), which one would you choose?

I want you all to sit back and watch the video, so am going to keep the write up on this one short and sweet. WATCH THE VIDEO. We'll follow up soon with our longer interview write up. Enjoy the show!