BlackBerry CEO John Chen wants to make that clear. It's a message he has been delivering across several outlets as of late, be it LinkedIn Op-Eds, while he's speaking at Technology Forums in Hong Kong or heading up earnings calls and while there's still some naysayers out there, the message is starting to stick for many. The conversations have changed from can John Chen save the patient to people wanting to know how he's actually doing it, because even though there's still lots of work left to do, the work he's done so far has returned some very positive results.

Speaking with CNN, John Chen noted the first stage was to stabilize BlackBerry and lay the groundwork for the future, but he's now onto the second stage which requires growth for BlackBerry and that will come in many different ways including advancements in IoT (Internet of Things), device security and privacy, patents, software and of course, hardware. Go ahead and hit play on the video below to check out the full interview. Keep in mind, it might need to be viewed in your browser.