Today is a day of celebration for BlackBerry and BlackBerry fans alike. It was 35 years ago today on March 7, 1984, that Research In Motion was founded, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada with the mission to change how the world communicates.

From Academy and Emmy award-winning innovations such as the DigiSync Film KeyKode Reader to the Mobitex Protocol Converter to BlackBerry smartphones, it's pretty easy to say they done that, but the mission continues today as BlackBerry continues to innovate in new ways through software.

As part of the celebrations, the Inside BlackBerry blog has posted a nice look at the past, present, and future of BlackBerry, while also sharing how customers and partners are wishing Happy Birthday to BlackBerry.

For CrackBerry readers, John Chen, Executive Chairman, and CEO, BlackBerry also sent along a personal message:

As BlackBerry celebrates our 35th birthday, I wanted to send #TeamCrackBerry a special note to say a massive thank you for your incredible support over the years. We live and breathe for our customers, focused every day on how to both advance how the world communicates and protect your data. We have had an incredible 35 years of transformative innovations, and I look forward to the next 35 years and more, with #TeamCrackBerry by our side.

While many people might not think about it daily, BlackBerry has changed the world and how we communicate over the past 35 years whether it be directly because of your BlackBerry usage or indirectly due to the innovations they've put into the world and made available for others. Happy Birthday BlackBerry and here's to the many years to come! Be sure to wish BlackBerry a Happy Birthday using #BlackBerry35 on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.