We've seem some exciting news come out of the Philippines recently and this latest video that BlackBerry have released keeps up the trend. Each year the people of the Philippines celebrate MassKara, a festival that is held in the third week of October. RIM got involved this year and as you will see from the above video they really know how to throw a party over there.

By the looks of things, the attendees to the party had an absolute whale of a time and many of them managed to win themselves BlackBerry smartphones to take away. Prizes apart, the party looked to be super fun, with drinks flowing, plenty of dancing and entertainment, along with the opportunity for guests to get hands on with BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBooks.

Maybe it's time for another BBM party here in the UK soon to celebrate BlackBerry 10? Actually, we should wait until the summer. The MassKara party looked great fun in the outdoors with their warmer climate. Does anyone at RIM want to send me over for the next party in the Philippines?