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Protect Your Smartphone Investment!
The first accessory purchase most BlackBerry owners make is for a new case, holster, skin or other protective covering for their BlackBerry. The reason is simple - to protect the investment. BlackBerrys aren't cheap, and they are prone to getting bumped, dropped and scratched up if not taken care of. And while many BlackBerry smartphones come with a sleeve in the box, most find it a poor choice for everyday use - it's difficult to extract the BlackBerry from, doesn't have much personality (plain looking) and is bulky given the level of protection it actually offers.

What experienced BlackBerry users know is that there is no such thing as a The Perfect BlackBerry Case. If there was, there would be only one case that everyone would have. Every case offers a compromise - ease of access vs. protection, good looks vs. durability, always on skin vs. case with sleeper mode. Instead, what we see is a large selection of cases available to suit each BlackBerry owner's unique individual needs. The thing to do is decide what your needs are, and then find the perfect BlackBerry case to meet those needs.

What Are Your BlackBerry Case Needs?
Here's some of the questions to consider before purchasing a BlackBerry Case:

  • Do you want to wear your BlackBerry (on a belt, jeans pocket , or carry it in a pocket or purse)?
  • Do you need fast access to your BlackBerry when it rings or notifies you of an email message?
  • Do you want the BlackBerry to always be visible, as in the keyboard, screen, trackball and convenience keys are always useable?
  • What level of protection do you require from your BlackBerry case?
    • Extreme Protection - you need a rugged Case, like an OtterBox
    • Day to Day Protection - most holsters and and pouches will work for you
    • Light Protect - most skins will protect your BlackBerry from scratches and minor bumps, while improving grip on the device
    • Combination - many combinations are available so you can get the best of both worlds, such as a BlackBerry Skin w/ BlackBerry Holster combo
  • What sort of style do you want? Colorful, Understated, Luxurious (Alligator Leather!), Sporty, Fashionista? You can find a BlackBerry case that will suit just about anyone's tastes. You just need to make sure the one that looks good also functions as you desire

A BlackBerry Case Function of Note - Standby Mode
BlackBerry Smartphones have an ingenious design function that is not shared by any other smartphone on the market today. That design function is for the BlackBerry to be put into standbye/sleep/low-power mode when it has been inserted into an appropriately designed BlackBerry case. Cases designed with this function in mind contain a magnet. When the BlackBerry smartphone is inserted into its case, the BlackBerry senses the magnetic and the switch is flipped to put the BlackBerry into low power mode.

Using a case with this features does two things:

  • it greatly helps to extend Battery life and
  • when put in standbye mode your keypad and BlackBerry controls are locked - so you don't have to worry about making accidental phone calls

Not every BlackBerry case will have this function. Protective coverings like BlackBerry skins are present on the BlackBerry at all times, so cannot contain this function (or else you wouldn't be able to use the device!). Likewise, some cases on the market are generic smartphone cases, and while these are fine to use on your BlackBerry, just keep in mind they may not contain the sleeper magnet.

For some, having the sleeper magnet in built into BlackBerry case is a big deal. For others, it's not. You can acheive sleep mode on a BlackBerry by holding the Mute button down for a 2-second count. So before you put your skinned Blackberry into your pocket/purse or BlackBerry into a case without a sleeper magnet, putting the phone into sleep mode by using the mute/standby button is a good habit to form.

Another benefit to the sleeper magnet is in regards to your Notification Profiles. Becaue your BlackBerry can detect whether or not it's in a BlackBerry case or not, the BlackBerry Operating Software has been designed to allow you to set distinct notification profiles for your BlackBerry. To illustrate, if the BlackBerry is in a case, the phone can be set to  so that it vibrates and rings on its loudest setting with a earpiercing ringtone. That same phone pulled out of the BlackBerry case or holster can be set to make no noise at all. You can customize your in-holster out-of holster settings for every type of BlackBerry notification - phone, message, sms, berry message, etc.

The point to all this? Decide if you want your BlackBerry Case to have Sleeper Mode functionality. If so, make sure the case you choose has it! 

Buyers Guide of BlackBerry Cases
As noted above, there are many types of BlackBerry Cases and each offers unique benefits, advantages, disadvantages, styling, unique features, etc.

BlackBerry Cases

BlackBerry Holsters
BlackBerry Holsters typically allow for the BlackBerry to be worn, either on belt or pocket and allow for quick and easy access to the BlackBerry. BlackBerry holsters will typically have sleeper mode functionality built in. While there are some holsters for BlackBerry smartphones that are designed to hold a BlackBerry thats in a protective skin, for the most part your BlackBerry is unprotected once removed from the holster. Therefore this type of BlackBerry case offers moderate protection.

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BlackBerry Side Cases
Side cases provide a good level of protection to the BlackBerry when inserted, and moderate ease of access. Typically a latch (button, magnetic, or velcro) keeps this style of BlackBerry case held firmly shut around the BlackBerry, which is inserted horizontally into the case. Most side cases are made with the ability to be worn (though nothing says you have to wear it!), while others are not. Unlike the holster, which is designed for function and utility, the side case can also offer a lot of style in addition to it's BlackBerry feature-rich design.

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BlackBerry Top Cases
Top cases are similar to the Side cases, with the exception that BlackBerry is inserted vertically into the top case. Top cases provide an ease of access similar to a holster, but is typically not quite as quick to use as you may have to unlatch the case before pulling the BlackBerry out. However, the Top Case will provide more protection than a holster with its 360 degree enclosure.

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BlackBerry Pocket Pouches
BlackBerry Pocket Pouches are similar to Top Cases, with the exception being that there is no flap enclosure (friction/snug fit holds the BlackBerry inside its case). Pocket Pouches are not meant to be worn typically, so you won't always find a belt loop or ratcheting belt clip to attach this type of BlackBerry case to your belt. Some Pocket Pouches come in luxurious finishes that can really set your case apart from the rest!

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BlackBerry Skin Cases
BlackBerry Skin Cases are one of the most popular choices for protecting BlackBerry smartphones among the consumer market. While it's technically a "skin" and not a "case" as you don't need to remove your BlackBerry from the skin to use the device, BlackBerry Skins offer protection over going skinless against bumps, small drops and scracthes and also provide good grip thanks to the rubberized texture compared to an unskinned phone.

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BlackBerry Form-Fit Cases
BlackBerry Form-Fit cases are the same concept as BlackBerry skins, but instead of being constructed out of rubber are made out of more luxurious materials, like leather. BlackBerry Form-Fit Cases will be slightly bulkier than skins, but will add extra protection thanks to the additional padding. Like the skin, you do not remove your BlackBerry from this case in order to use the phone, so these cases will not put your BlackBerry into sleep mode.

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BlackBerry Flip-Lid Cases
BlackBerry Flip-Lid Cases are like Form-Fit Cases, but with a front flap that folds down and protects the BlackBerry's screen and keyboard. On some design the flap will be removable. The Flip-Lid BlackBerry Case provides extra protection over a form-fit case and also works as a handy visor from the sun!

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BlackBerry Hard Cases
BlackBerry Hard Cases are like skins, but instead of being made out of soft rubber are made out of materials like Hard Plastic. They offer the same usability as skins, but provide more protection against bumps and drops thanks to the nature of the materials used in the hard BlackBerry case. Some hard cases are designed to work with holsters. When combined, you have a great level of protection for your BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry Metal Cases
Metal Cases provide an extreme level of protection for your BlackBerry. You can think of most metal cases as metal skins - you don't need to remove your BlackBerry to use the device. It's really armor for your BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry Organizer Cases
BlackBerry Organizer Cases take care of all your daily needs in one - by holding your BlackBerry along with your pens, pad of paper and other items. If you're looking for an all-in-one carrying solution to get you through the day, a BlackBerry Organizer case may just be the accessory for you.

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BlackBerry Body Skins
BlackBerry Body Skins are made of transparent films and are applied to your BlackBerry like a decal or sticker. They don't provide much protection against heavy drops, but do help to protect your BlackBerry against scratches without adding any noticeable size or weight to the device.

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BlackBerry Fashion Cases
Putting aesthetics first, these cases look good while providing an extra level of protection for your BlackBerry. And there's nothing wrong with looking good. Fashion cases may or may not be designed specificially for the BlackBerry, so be sure to check the functionality you are looking for (i.e. sleeper magnet) before buying.

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BlackBerry Lanyards
Available for use on the BlackBerry Pearl 8100, 8110, 8120, 8130, a Lanyard isn't a case but is a great accessory for your BlackBerry. Wear the lanyard around your wrist and you'll ensure you don't drop your device! Lanyards are available for your BlackBerry in many colors to help make your device look its best.

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BlackBerry Weather Resistant Cases
Weather Resistant cases like the series from OtterBox provide the utmost level of protection for your BlackBerry. These are the Sherman Tanks of the BlackBerry Case world. Surprisingly, while offering an extreme level protection many of these cases still provide great everyday usability. The Defender Series from OtterBox for example is a hardcase/holster combination then when assembled provides 360 degree rock solid protection, and when out of the holster is still very usable. BlackBerry Cases like the AquaPac provide waterproof protection for you BlackBerry - perfect for heading out into wet conditions.

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