Smartphone Experts GloveFit Case for the BlackBerry Curve

Daring Your BlackBerry to Dress in Leather 

Okay, so you have finally purchased your first BlackBerry and are waiting to show it to the wireless world around you. Or perhaps you are a RIM veteran (or VeteRIM to quote myself), searching for a new way to protect that which you have grown close to. Our brother-at-arms, Mr. Able-Green introduced you to the amazing SmartPhone Experts OpenFace Case and now I will go behind the “skin” if you will and uncover the beauty that is SmartPhone Experts GloveFit Case for the BlackBerry Curve (8300, 8310 & 8320).

Now due to my recent experience (not so nice car accident), as some may know, I wish I had this case in my hands a little earlier. It offers all around protection, including a plastic cover over the screen and keyboard. You can wear it on your hip or toss it into your bag or purse and it will shield your BlackBerry from life’s daily thrills and spills. You can encompass your world in plastic, leather and zippers, if you’re into that sort of thing. J It’s available in five colors, myself sporting a beautiful Saddle Brandy. Smartly priced at a mere $29.95 (only $24.95 for Black), it’s sure to fit your BlackBerry, and your budget, like a…glove!

The Unveiling
Ripping open the UPS package, my prize lay before me. No fancy box and no flashing lights. Just the GloveFit case in a clear plastic bag, begging you to bask in all it’s glory.

Like the last case I reviewed, this case lacks sleeper mode. This doesn’t come as a surprise though, as the GloveFit case is really more of a leather ‘skin’ than an actual ‘case’. In other words, you don’t remove your BlackBerry from the GloveFit to use it (be it make a call, send an email or play a game). If it did have a sleeper mode, the phone would always be asleep! As far as compatibility goes, the GloveFit case is only available for the BlackBerry Curve (8300, 8310 and 8320).

SPE GloveFit Case for BlackBerry Curve
A Case and a Clip, That's All You Need!

The GloveFit case comes with a removable 360 degree belt clip. You can easily detach your skinned BlackBerry from the belt clip by pressing the button at the top of the clip. The construction of the clip itself looks pretty durable, although it’s a little smaller than the clip you would find on an OEM BlackBerry holster.

The case is made out of genuine leather which is quite soft and malleable, yet is still durable enough to lookout for your beloved Berry. As I said before, it comes in 5 colors, all Black or Cream, Saddle, Red and Cocoa with a Brandy colored backing. Inside there is a tag that reads ‘SPE SmartPhone Experts’, so you know the geniuses behind this case. The interior is lined with black soft suede, presumably to allow for a smooth easy slide into your leather case. You may want to put on any track from Barry White at this point.

All of the ports and buttons have been left exposed, with the volume control being the exception. This out of all of the buttons was the only one with a plastic cover. The plastic also, as previously mentioned, covers both the screen and keyboard with a circular cut out to allow unhindered usage of the trackball.

SPE GloveFit Case for BlackBerry Curve
Full Access to All Ports and Buttons - You Won't Have to Sacrifice
Function for Protection!

Less talk, more Action!
It’s time to take the case for a test drive. First thing is to slip it on. The backing is a little more rigid than the rest, and this helps in putting the Curve in. Since it is a form fitting case, there were a few audible grunts and groans (no profanity) before it fell into place. The zipper was easy to work, the tag not too big to cause an issue with holding the Curve. I love the fact that there is no way for my Berry to escape!

SPE GloveFit Case for BlackBerry Curve
The SPE Glove Fit Case Looks Great Coming...

SPE GloveFit Case for BlackBerry Curve
And Going!

Smartphone Experts thought of every detail when designing this case, including the trackball.  I had no problem navigating the ball - it simply felt as though it was set a little further into the device.  My main concern was the screen protector itself, and how it would stand up to my infinite pins, emails and text messages. A couple of years ago I owned a Treo (shudder) and used a Body Glove case with a similar plastic cover. After about a week of using that case, the plastic screen was well worn and had permanent indents from the buttons. After 3 weeks worth of heavy usage with SPE’s entry, typing became much easier. No more typos, yet it still looked to be in better condition than Body Glove’s.  It was also thick enough to protect against moderate damage, such as stuffing it into your pocket with a few sets of keys or dropping it on the ground. You’ll have to break it in to feel the full benefits.

As expected with a plastic cover, especially with a form fitting case, the Curve was quite difficult to remove at first. It did get a tad easier over time, but you shouldn’t have to worry about that - BlackBerrys don't need a battery pull that often!

Let’s Review Shall We?
The look and feel of the Smartphone Experts’ GloveFit Case was both rich and lightweight. The thinness of the case did not take away from the Curve specs at all. The same can be said for the plastic cover. Once you work it in you’ll find that you have next to zero typpos…tyupso…typos. The complete everyday protection and style adds confidence as you may find people trying to get a glimpse of your skin tight leather clad piece of technology. With a moderate selection of colors, you’re sure to find one that suits you.  Be daring, be risqué, go out in leather!

Even though it’s only $29.95, you’ll feel like a million dollars. If the GloveFit fits, wear it!

SPE GloveFit Review Summary:
Smartphone Experts GloveFit Case for the BlackBerry Curve


  • Complete protection for your BlackBerry Curve with no sacrifice to function
  • Easily removed yet secure in the belt clip
  • Light weight and thin
  • Full access to the trackball retained
  • Unique look for the BlackBerry! I like it!


  • Lack of sleep mode
  • Difficult to remove from the case
  • Takes some time to break in the plastic cover for typing

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