BlackBerry Leather Holster

Even with so many excellent carrying solutions available for BlackBerry smartphones, Research in Motion's line of BlackBerry OEM cases and skins remain a top choice with BlackBerry users everywhere. There are three reasons why BlackBerry-brand accessories are top sellers: they are widely available (walk into your local carrier store or click into your local online store a la and you are bound to find them); they carry the BlackBerry logo (cool!); and just like BlackBerry smartphones, they are simply Well-Designed and Well-Executed Products.

When it comes to selecting a holster for your BlackBerry, there are only a few things that one need consider. Does it keep my Berry safe? Does it fit well? Does it look good and does it allow me to access my phone in a timely manner? Does it have a sleeper magnet?

The Blackberry Leather Holster with Swivel Belt clip addresses all of these points admirably and is available for the BlackBerry Curve, Pearl and 8800 series smartphones in a variety of colors.

The BlackBerry Leather Holster for the Curve

This review specifically examines the BlackBerry Leather Holster for the Curve, but keep in mind this accessory is the same for all trackball BlackBerry smartphones, with the same design features and quality built-in to every version. Dimensions are changed to fit the different device models and available colors may vary.

The premium lambskin leather is soft and looks sophisticated but it also covers a sturdy frame that is taut. It keeps its shape and keeps the Blackberry (in my case a Rogers 8300 Curve) snug. Elasticized sides mean the Berry can slide in and out freely, while the magnetized clasp keeps the device firmly secured with little risk of the device sliding or dropping out. The nice little slap of the magnet as it falls into place gives you a bit of reassurance the BlackBerry is in place. The holster also features built-in grooves constructed of hard plastic that run along the front and back insides of the case to protect the trackball.

BlackBerry Leather Holster with Curve
The BlackBerry Leather Holster

Like all BlackBerry brand cases (not including skins of course!), the leather holster features a magnet that puts your BlackBerry into sleep mode when inserted into the case, conserving battery life and eliminating accidentally key presses. This also allows you to take advantage of the "Out of Holster" and "In Holster" profile settings on your BlackBerry, allowing you to set different alerts/tones/volume levels for each. It's pretty awesome to think RIM actually designed their BlackBerry Operating System to "work" with an accesory like a protective case.

In the case - sleep mode
Good Night Curve - sleep mode time

The open top design also allows you to see the LED nofication light and functions like the headphone jack and USB port are open and available for use while in the BlackBerry is in the case.

Leather Holster Clasp But what is really cool about this particular model is the clasp on the back. Unlike a lot of other carrying cases, BlackBerry paid a lot of attention to this feature with this case. Having had a few BlackBerry holsters fly off my belt and another just bust, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of effort that has gone into the design of the rear clasp. It has a strong spring loaded clip that gives plenty of gripping power. The swivel is well designed and clicks through a 180 degree rotation solidly. It is well-mounted on the back with extra leather strapping and a firm bolt. It definitely doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy and I definitely don’t feel it is going to break or pop off my belt. The clasp is sturdy but because the spring is so strong it is hard to put on and take off the belt with the device in the holster. I found it easier to first take my BlackBerry out and then press inside of the case to take it off. A minor quibble for what is a solid product. And given more use this action will likely smooth up.

The carrying case retails for $29.99, which is a good price for a well-made piece, but you can find it for less - the Leather Holster for the Curve retails for $19.95 at Available colors in include Burnt Sienna, Ecru Tan, Pearl White, Pink, Apple Red and the ever-popular Black!

BlackBerry Holster Review Summary:
BlackBerry Leather Holster with Swivel Belt Clip


  • Good Everyday Protection
  • Strong Belt Clip
  • Sleeper Mode
  • Nice Soft Leather
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick Access to Device


  • Can be difficult to take off belt with device inserted
  • More colors always welcome!
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