BlackBerry Builder

BlackBerry has reimagined their developer certification program in a new format called BlackBerry Builder. Developers can become certified for either web or native app development by completing an exam which ensures they're familiar with the documentation and know how to put those resources to good use.

What does anyone get out of this certification? For now, the only thing is access to an exclusive job board where employers can access pre-screened, certified BlackBerry developers, though more perks are being planned.  

One can expect that becoming a BlackBerry Builder will help getting Built for BlackBerry designation in BlackBerry World

The BlackBerry certification program had hit a slight bump in the summer of 2011, but has since continued to provide all types of designations. For example, there are also certifications available for BlackBerry supportenterprise solutionssales, and administration.  

Developers interested in becoming BlackBerry Builders can find more information at the link below. Just keep in mind it costs $150 to take the exam. Any takers?

Learn more about the BlackBerry Builder program here!