If you are on team BlackBerry you are probably jealous of your Android and iOS friends posting photos to their social networking sites via Instagram. And many of us BlackBerry users are also jealous that we do not have the Instagram app on our BlackBerry smartphones - let's hope that is resolved with BlackBerry 10.

What has been just as frustrating is the fact that when a buddy does post an Instagram picture and you try to view it from your BlackBerry browser it has just been a mess with much of the photo cut off. But not anymore!

It has now been fixed and now we can view Instagram images good and proper as seen above with my two day old moustache for Movember. What, you haven't donated yet. Click here to find out about our MO-bile Nations team. We need your support to raise awareness for mens health and you can also look forward to some rather silly photos of us in the coming weeks!

But back to Instagram. While the fix is not perfect, (we want the app) it is a vast improvement so whoever put the BlackBerry browser in the special fixing machine (or made the tweaks at Instagram to make it work), I applaud you.

Now bring on BlackBerry 10 and a' Built For BlackBerry' Instagram app - PLEASE!