BlackBerry brings more apps to the Secure Work Space for iOS and Android

In the world of BYOD, BlackBerry introduced Secure Work Space for iOS and Android as part of their MDM system. Companies can manage it all through the BES 10 administration console. Today, BlackBerry has released a few applications for the Secure Work Space for both iOS and Android, while others have been updated. Not all apps are available for both platforms yet but those are coming soon. Some apps are also available for BlackBerry devices that use BlackBerry Balance.

Secure Work Space Applications for iOS and Android

  • Blend for Sector: Apparound BLEND for SECTOR is a cloud-based mobile productivity suite for your sales team to optimize complex product selling and quotation processes - Download for Android
  • Breezy for Sector: Breezy for SECTOR makes mobile printing easy by giving users secure access to any company from any BYOD or corporate owned mobile device - Download for iOS
  • ISEC7 Mobility for SAP for SECTOR: Provides secure mobile access to SAP® CRM, SAP® ERP and different SAP® Workflows for Sales, Service technicians and management - Download for iOS and Android
  • Fliplet Viewer for SECTOR: An enterprise platform that allows you to quickly create and deploy as many apps as you want across your organization with no technical skills required - Download for iOS
  • Daily Notes + Tasks for SECTOR: A lean and simple notes taking and task management app - Download for iOS
  • hand-e-pix for SECTOR: Uses innovative technology within the latest mobile devices to capture and share photographs or video which are time and date stamped and geo-tagged - Download for Android
  • MySmartKey for SECTOR: Communicates directly and securely with SmartSafe Vault over a local Wi-Fi network (SmartMode) to encrypt and decrypt files - Download for Android
  • SalesNOW CRM for SECTOR: A contact and deal management tool designed for the mobile sales professional to use - Download for Android
  • SignNow for SECTOR: Makes it easy to sign documents anywhere or get anyone's signature without having to worry about printing, scanning, or faxing - Download for iOS
  • Sector SME Cloud File Manager: Based on SME's Android Cloud File Manager, which is the Android client for Storage Made Easy's private Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution - Download for Android
  • MindLink for SECTOR: A collaboration platform that provides access to Presence, Instant Messaging and Persistent Group Chat leveraging Microsoft Lync™ - Download for iOS
  • Splashtop for SECTOR: Based on Splashtop Enterprise, which mobilizes corporate applications and desktops instantly. Splashtop for SECTOR is integrated with BlackBerry Secure Work Space to support BYOD - Download for Android
  • for SECTOR: Provides full-featured, enterprise-grade access to Office 365 and SharePoint, for document and social collaboration on the go - Download for iOS and Android
  • Box for SECTOR: Simplies online file storage, replaces FTP and connects teams in online workspaces - Download for iOS
  • iAnnotate Enterprise for SECTOR: Read. Markup. Share. iAnnotate turns your mobile device into a world-class productivity tool for reading, marking up, and sharing PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint files, and images. Designed for enterprise clients, iAnnotate Enterprise combines annotation features with configurable security options from an easy-to-use web based administration console - Download for iOS

These apps are meant for SECTOR-based enterprise workspaces which includes BlackBerry's Secure Work Space. They won't be any use to consumers as they will only work on the Secure Work Space for iOS and Android. Some of these apps are available for BlackBerry devices that run on BlackBerry Balance, again enterprise users. But it's nice to see support for BlackBerry apps for Business.

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