The last update to BlackBerry's Productivity Tab app for Android brought along a complete overhaul of the design of the app but apparently, BlackBerry wasn't quite yet done with the visual changes. A new update to the Productivity Tab is now rolling out through Google Play and one of the key changes noted is this release is even more visual and user experience updates.

  • More visual and user experience updates
  • Tasks are now located at the bottom of the calendar view
  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements

The other noteworthy change highlighted here is that tasks are now located at the bottom of the calendar view, meaning you'll no longer see a 'Tasks' section of its own in the Productivity Tab. Instead, when you have tasks created, you'll see them listed below your Calendar appointments on the Calendar view. Reading through the Google Play reviews, the move has thrown some folks off, so keep that in mind when upgrading. Your tasks are still there, just moved around.

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