BlackBerry Bridge updated with bug fixes for issues encountered by some

If you're a BlackBerry PlayBook user and you use the BlackBerry Bridge app, this post is for you. Just a little heads up that a minor update is available. There isn't much, just a little bug fix but it does show that the BlackBerry Bridge app is still continually being worked on, which I'm pretty glad to see. I still use my PlayBook everyday. Mainly for reading but also for watching movies and TV shows as well as playing music on. Occasionally, it sees some gameplay too.

It wasn't too long ago that we saw an update to the BlackBerry Bridge app, bringing about call notifications for BlackBerry 10 devices. As I said, there isn't much in the changelog, just "Resolves minor notification issues experience by some users". If this is you, then get the update today. Slowly but surely we're seeing the BlackBerry Bridge for BlackBerry 10 app get the features we saw with legacy BlackBerry devices. I'm definitely looking forward to future updates.

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