BlackBerry Bridge

Considering the majority of folks have still yet to actually recieve their BlackBerry PlayBooks let us first say, there is seemingly some issues still with downloading BlackBerry Bridge from App World -- as in it's either not showing, showing as not supported or only installable via the online version of BlackBerry App World. If you see it there and are able to download it, then by all means -- go for it! I did, and currently have it installed on mine Rogers 9780 and got it there using the web version of App World and a few others have it up, and running on their PlayBooks.

That said, if it's still not showing for you or remains listed as unsupported like AT&T currently is remember, it's still the early morning right now (depending on timezone of course) so we'll have to wait and see how things turn out as the day progresses and we will certainly update the post as needed to make sure you all are aware of what's what.