BlackBerry Bridge AT&T

*Update*: While BlackBerry Bridge may not be officially available from App World for AT&T users, you can check this post for a workaround and OTA download. Once installed, AT&T can't stop you. What the hell AT&T?! Lots of us will still buy Tethering plans. At least let us use the Bridge too!

Much like many others I anxiously awoke this morning eager to try out BlackBerry Bridge on my PlayBook. I fired up BlackBerry App World, scanned the barcode on my device and was shocked to see that the app was listed as "not supported on your device or carrrier". I instantly cruised to the webstore to check things out. I'm using an unlocked Bold 9780 on AT&T but that shouldn't change anything. Well to my extreme surprise, App World lists BlackBerry Bridge as supported on all carriers except AT&T. Woah. Not really the greatest news to get PlayBook launch day started.

So what's the deal AT&T? Why can't us AT&T users have the BlackBerry Bridge?? Is the the free tethering?? Hopefully this is a mixup that will be worked out ASAP (Kevin has a feeling it isn't a mixup...), so we'll report back if anything new pops up. For now sound off in the comments and express to AT&T that they NEED to allow the BlackBerry Bridge!

BlackBerry Bridge in App World

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