BlackBerry Bridge

You'll have to roll with me on this one, as I really don't have "documentation" to show it as fact but word around Waterloo is that RIM has been working hard on the next BlackBerry PlayBook OS update along with an update for BlackBerry Bridge. Right now, we're hearing the OS for the PlayBook is sitting at version while BlackBerry Bridge is sitting at version So what changes has RIM been working on? A few actually:

  • BlackBerry Bridge 2.1 - Now offers you the ability to choose Text Messages as a category from the BlackBerry Bridge folder on your PlayBook.
  • Bridge Over Wi-Fi - You can now seamlessly connect your BlackBerry Smartphone to your PlayBook over a Wi-Fi connection   

Needless to say, that's not all the changes that are forthcoming. There will be plenty more but those are some of the highlights we've been hearing most recently. As it stands, there is no date for this to be released or if the versions noted here are final, they could go higher before actual release but the information was worth sharing with you all. 

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