Bold vs. Storm Web Browser Test

Typing Test

The guys over at Phone Wreck don't post often, but when they do they make it count. First they tore apart the BlackBerry Bold, then they ripped into a BlackBerry Storm, and now they've put them back together and compared them head to head over a series of tests (and yes they upgraded the Storm's OS to

You'll want to click on over to see the showdown. There are some pretty interesting results and observations here. You know how everybody complains that the Storm lacks WiFi? Maybe that shouldn't be too big of a deal for us to harp at Verizon on considering the BlackBerry WiFi browser still doesn't seem to work properly for a lot of people. Just like my Bold's originally-buggered browsers, their Bold takes nearly twice as long on WiFi to pull up the same webpage as it does over 3G (wtf?!). 

How about photo snapping? The Storm's camera takes better pictures via it's 3.2 megapixel camera w/ autofocus, but it takes 3 seconds longer to snap a photo on the Storm vs. the Bold (definitely some Storm OS room for improvement there) making it more likely to miss the moment!

Typing speed test? In typing out a three sentence, 71 word paragraph, they managed to get their fingers humming along at 38.8 words per minute (with 4 errors) on the Bold vs. 26.7WPM with twice as many errors on the Storm.

Interesting stuff! This is definitely a head to head comparison I'll want to conduct myself once I get my Bold back after the Smartphone Round Robin (fyi - G1 final review should be up later today). PLUS I'll have the Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900 to throw into the picture by then just to mix things up even further.