It was painful to do, but for the sake of the Smartphone World I sent my eBay BlackBerry Bold 9000 onto Dieter at our sister site to have some fun with. What's the result? Following up on the web's first in-depth Review of the BlackBerry Bold we now have the web's first BlackBerry Bold vs. iPhone Comparison.

Earlier this week CNet ran a story where RIM's coCEO Mike Lazaridis stated the BlackBerry Bold was not a response to the iPhone and that they in fact had the first models of the Bold in-hand three years ago. At WES last week I picked up that same notion from many a RIM folk, but in the side-by-side comparison Dieter can't help but note the visual similarities.

And just as I'm a Huge BlackBerry fanboy Dieter is a bit of an iPhone fanboy. The comparison is pretty fair (though RIM is still working on the Bold's OS and by the time it ships will have a much improved web browser), so if you find the comparison to be a bit pro-iPhone remember there are at least 10 Reasons why the iPhone is No BlackBerry (and that was before the Bold was it's more like 20 Reasons!). But Dieter has a TON of photos comparing the two smartphones side by side and will be following up this initial review with more comparisons over the days ahead. It's definitely worth checking out.