BlackBerry Bold Review!

With some markets now having the Bold available, and others getting it soon, there are going to be a lot of BlackBerry Bold reviews hitting the interwebs in the weeks and months ahead. While it's not actually available on Optus in Australia yet, our friend David Flynn over at let us know about the definitive Bold Review he just posted (David was also the mate to discover the Stewart Copeland Bold ringtones!).

His overall impressions are very similar to what I unmasked in web's first BlackBerry 9000 review, and David works in some excellent detail for all of the BlackBerry geeks out there. Did you know the Bold weighs in at 133 grams vs. the Curve at 110 grams? Or that the Bold's pixel density is 245ppi vs. the iPhone at 165ppi (there's a reason everybody who gets their hands on the Bold raves about it's screen). It's an excellent review, so check it out!