Did you know your BlackBerry Bold has a spot to attach a lanyard?

You may not have realized your BlackBerry Bold had a spot to attach a lanyard. Pull off the battery cover. Look at the bottom left corner. Note the fork.
Fish the lanyard loop through the hole in the Bold's casing and over the hook. Ta Da! You now have a lanyard attached to your BlackBerry Bold!

If you didn't know you could attach a lanyard or charm to your BlackBerry Bold, don't worry, you're not alone. The "discovery" has popped up in the forums a couple of times now (here and here) and has been met with surprise from Bold owners each time. I'll admit - I personally never noticed it for a long time either. The lanyard "hook" totally escaped my eye when I first reviewed the BlackBerry Bold.

You can click on the images above to zoom in and see the installation process more clearly, but it's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Just pull the back off your BlackBerry Bold, fish the loop through the hole in the lower right corner of the Bold's casing and over the lanyard hook, and snap the Bold's cover back on.

As for why you may WANT a lanyard for your BlackBerry, watch the video after the jump for a demonstration! Warning... it's a bit PAINFUL to watch.

WHY YOU MAY WANT A LANYARD OR CHARM: There are two obvious reasons here: looks and safety. Some people like to 'dress up' their smartphones and that's where charms do the trick. As for the lanyard, that's all about protection and helping to make sure you don't drop your phone. It's all about time and place. For me personally, I don't use a lanyard on a daily basis, but I do keep one handy and put it on for certain situtations just to be safe. Can't think of a good example of where you might need this? Watch the video below and you'll know when a lanyard is a good idea!

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