FREE BlackBerry Bold!

WTF?! It has officially been available for less than 24 hours and you can already get yourself a BlackBerry Bold for FREE. Click on over to Walmart's website or, sign yourself up for a 2 year AT&T contract, and the $199.99 priced BlackBerry Bold will be yours for FREE after you send in the $199.99 mail-in rebate. 

Like seriously. This is sort of insane. We've been squalking at the fact the T-Mobile Pearl flip didn't hit the market at $50, and here is a deal to get RIM's flagship smartphone for nothing. I hope RIM left the BlackBerry Bold making factory turned on overnight... they're gonna need 'em! If you're thinking about taking advantage of this deal, check that the available plans suit your needs (aren't overkill), READ THE FINE PRINT and make sure you're cool with the terms and conditions before you buy.

[ via Engadget ]