CLICK HERE to Listen to the Bold Sounds of Steward Copeland

Here's a cool story. David Flynn over at just posted on a new BlackBerry Bold discovery. It turns out RIM has commissioned Stewart Copeland, former drummer for The Police, to create a 'smartphone soundtrack' of sorts for the BlackBerry Bold.

RIM commissioned Copeland to come up with a unique ‘theme' for its just-launched smartphone. The result was a signature five-note melody which Copeland expanded into a percussive minute-long track simply named ‘Bold' that's preloaded (along with mock-up album art!) into the Bold's ‘Sample Songs' folder.

A softer version with a fade-in is used as an ‘alarm tone' to gently rouse the Bold owner from his or her slumber, while six variations - which are actually excerpts form various parts of the Bold theme - are available as ring tones.

Give a listen to the Steward Copeland Bold tunes here! So Whaddya think?!