Rogers BlackBerry Bold Release Date

Update: Sounds like the 25th is the day Rogers will put out a press releae and announce availability of ordering to its dealers. Should be able to buy on the 29th if things go according to plan.

Cory dropped word of the Rogers BlackBerry Bold release date in our latest Podcast. With the date now out there for all those to hear, it's time for me to do my part and put it up in the blogs for BlackBerry Addicts to read...

The title says it all. The Rogers BlackBerry Bold will be available to consumers on July 25th! This puts the release date one week after the final cross-country tour of Rogers BlackBerry Bold launch parties. No final word on pricing yet (I hope it's lowww!). And if the date turns out to be wrong... well... you'll just have to listen to the full podcast to find out what happens to Cory :-)

Question of the Day: If you are in the USA and you know that Rogers will get the Bold two - four weeks ahead of AT&T, do you wait, or you do you buy yourself a Rogers BlackBerry Bold and unlock it?!