BlackBerry Bold 9000 on AT&T

As previously mentioned, I have been reluctant to post on the BlackBerry Bold release date as there has been a lot of constantly changing/conflicting info coming in. But since relaying word of the Rogers Release Date yesterday I have been getting a ton of requests for an AT&T update. So here's the best AT&T info I have at the moment...

Other sites (BG/Engadget) have been saying a late July/August launch for the BlackBerry Bold on AT&T, and from what I can tell this still seems to hold water, though it may be even later. I received word yesterday (same info from two sources via RIM/AT&T internals) that the BlackBerry Bold hit AT&T's TA (Technical Acceptance) department only this past Monday.

This does seem a bit crazy to me, considering the TA process can take up to a few months and we're already seeing the Bold on AT&T's website so you'd think the release would have to be close (heck, John Mayer already has a Bold and it came in a nice box), but this is the word I'm getting (I'm hoping it's wrong - post in the comments if you know otherwise). Apparently RIM is still making updates to the OS almost daily and while battery life is "ok", further refinement is still being made in the area of power management. And while I cringe at the words "this fall", thinking back to WES I did hear rumblings that it could be September before we saw the Bold become available on AT&T - it's just something I didn't and still don't want to believe (especially considering the iPhone 3G is hitting the market on July 11th). Again, take this as "rumor" - I'd LOVE to be wrong and do hope we see the Bold on AT&T real soon, but I'm just giving ya what I got.

Small consolation, but it does sound like AT&T WILL RELEASE a new BlackBerry in July, but it won't be the BlackBerry Bold. Apparently we will see the WiFi-equipped BlackBerry Curve 8320 become available from AT&T. Common AT&T... throw a Dog a Bold already!