First Unboxing Video of a Commercially-Purchased BlackBerry Bold 9900!

W00t!!!! Here it is CrackBerry Nation, the first unboxing of a commercially-purchased BlackBerry Bold 9900. While it's looking like tomorrow is the official Rogers launch of the new touchscreen Bold, some stores already have been selling their stock and I managed to pick up four units from a local store in Winnipeg. When we caught wind that Bolds were to be had early, we started calling every store we could. Most were either not selling yet or had already sold out (and some stores had waiting lists - go RIMPIRE!), so when I found a store with inventory I went into a CrackBerry craze. There was some dangerous driving involved to get to the store, but I made it I got the Bolds, and I rushed home to record up this frantic unboxing.

This is one cut, no excuses as I dive into the box for the first time and fire up the Bold (which it seems of the four units I bought, this one was the one they played with in the store as device had already been turned on at least once from what I can tell - Setup Wizard didn't appear immediately). Watch the video above as I dig through the accessories that come in the box, fire it up, and even compare it quickly to some other phones including the Bold 9780, original Bold 9000 and Apple iPhone 4. I gotta go spend some time now playing with my new Bold, but you're going to want to keep it locked to CrackBerry. The crazyiness on CrackBerry is only going to ramp up from here. Enjoy the show!!

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