** UPDATE: OK, FIXED. Eventually with the aid of a kitchen knife and some very careful prodding, I managed to slide the card back in and then pull the battery out. But seriously. Just learn from my mistake and take the battery out first. **

OK. So as you probably have guessed, since unboxing the BlackBerry Bold 9900 I've been going non-stop putting the device through the ringer as I work on our CrackBerry review. We've already given our first impressions of this BlackBerry a few times over now (you know it's awesome!), so in CrackBerry fashion I'm making sure our full-out review is brimming with the nitty gritty details CrackBerry readers love. 

Currently I'm in a bit of a pickle though, as I've done something apparently stupid.... I tried removing the MicroSD card from the Bold 9900 while the battery is still inserted. The location of the card slot is similar to that of the BlackBerry Bold 9780/9700 -- under the battery door below centered below the camera -- but on the 9900 this slot isn't angled like it is on the 9780/9700. So instead of the memory card nicely sliding out above an inserted battery, it slides out horizontally into the battery. And wouldn't you know it, but the battery has a perfect groove/indentation in it which the memory card slides into perfectly. So now I have a memory card wedged into the battery, and now I'm stuck. I need to either get the battery to pull out directly, or get the memory card slid back in fully so I can then get the battery out, but instead I'm just stuck here. Seriously, I've wasted over an hour now trying to get this resolved with no luck. 

LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE... Don't try and remove the MicroSD Memory card from the BlackBerry Bold 9900 while the battery is inserted! Take the battery out. Then the card. Period. Watch the video for a good laugh.

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