BlackBerry Bold 9900 O2 UK
If the BlackBerry Bold 9900 has captured your imagination and you happen to live in the UK, then listen. RIM's upcoming powerhouse of a BlackBerry smartphone has now made an appearance on O2 UK's website with a "coming soon" label pointing at an August release. No exact release date as of yet, but you can tell that the wait is soon coming to an end.

Other carriers in the UK have announced future availability of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 as well, with Three UK promising a September 15th launch and Vodafone UK taking it easy with only a "coming soon" banner and no mention of anymore detail. It should be noted that Phones4u has already revealed both pricing and details on availability (via Vodafone) with a delivery date of August 24th for pre-orders. Whether a release in late August or earlier, the release is near - I can feel it. Can you feel it, CrackBerry Nation? Sound off in the comments!