BlackBerry Bold 9790

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If you live in the UK and have been waiting patiently for the BlackBerry Bold 9790, then the wait is finally over. UK's favourite online retailers, Expansys and Clove have them in stock ready for delivery. The Bold 9790, seen as the little sister/brother to the Bold 9900 is available sim free for £359.99 from Expansys and £330 from Clove. This also makes it a little easier on the pocket than the Bold 9900.

UK networks still have the Bold 9790 listed as coming soon with no release stated. However, taking a trip to the O2 UK website, it seems like you can already put an order through for the device, with an immediate delivery. An in-store rep has also stated that the Bold 9790 should be making its way onto the shelves sometime next week. O2 prices it at £349.99 on Pay & Go and free from £27 a month on a 2-year contract. It is also available for pre-order from Phones 4 U with a delivery date for January 30. Phones 4 U offer the Bold 9790 on Vodafone, Orange and O2, with the cheapest offering on O2 for £21.50 a month.

Have you already got yourself a Bold 9790? Sound off in the comments or in the forums and tell us about your current experience. If you're still undecided on whether to get it or not, why not check out Kevin's Bold 9790 review.

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