T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9780

So far, if your in the UK, the Bold 9780 is only available from Vodafone UK or sim free through sites like Expansys or Clove Technology. Now though, if you're with T-Mobile or Orange you can now rejoice as it is now offered on those networks.

T-Mobile UK Plans

You can get the Bold 9780 free from £35/month on a 2-year contract, this tariff includes the £5 BlackBerry Mail Booster, which is just T-Mobile's name for the BIS service. You'll also get 600 mins and 500 texts a month. If however, you want to pay a less each month, the lowest tariff the Bold 9780 is available on is £10/month. The device will cost £240 and you'll get 100 mins and 100 texts per month. This tariff also includes the BlackBerry Mail Booster. This is also a 24 month contract. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is available in Black or White through T-Mobile

Orange Plans

Similar to T-Mobile, you can get the device free from £35/month on a 2-year contract. This will give you 700 mins and unlimited texts each month, as well as unlimited email. The lowest tariff is £20/month for 2-years and you will get 100 mins and unlimited texts. The device will cost you £149.99 on this tariff. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is only available in Black from Orange.

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