We've seen bits and pieces of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 on video and in photos, but haven't really delved deep into the device hardware and software. Well the folks at TechnoBuffalo got their hands on a pre-release device and gave it a pretty solid look. There isn't a whole lot separating the Bold 9780 from the Bold 9700 aside from some updated specs and a different colored bezel (for now at least). We do know that the new device should be shipping out with BlackBerry 6 ready to go and you can bet it will quickly become a fan favorite when it finally hits the streets. And for those of you wondering, yes the contacts on the bottom of the device are for the charging in the charging pod (conductive, not inductive) -- just like nearly every other BlackBerry :-) Check out the video above for some great 9780 action.

Source: TechnoBuffalo