Well, that didn't take long at all. We noted the UAProf for the BlackBerry 9780 had been found now, Salomondrin has posted up the first live image of the device. BlackBerry 6 in full effect, taking on the form of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 except with a darker bezel that BlackBerry Bold 9780 is looking might fine to me. For me, the Bold 9700 is the perfect device so transitioning to the 9780 is fine by me.

All the other specs we noted are accurate now, we can add with certainty that 512MB of RAM is on board for this release. The 5MP camera has yet to be documented as fact but, it seems to be a BlackBerry 6 standard judging from all the recent devices. What do you all think, will you buying into a BlackBerry Bold 9780 or passing? I'll be the brave one and say it, anyone upset with RIM on account of this device? I mean, it's a Bold 9700 with some slight changes that's all. Seeing this device just again raises the question whether or not the Bold 9700 will even get BlackBerry 6?

Source: Salomondrin