Prior to WES 2010 we already knew we'd soon be seeing the BlackBerry Bold 9700 in white, but just to make it officially official Mike Lazaridis announced it during his keynote and showed it off on screen. Check out the video above to see the BlackBerry Bold 9700 in it's pearly white with grey and chrome accent color scheme. She's a beauty.

Over the course of our WES 2010 week in Orlando, the smartphone color debate came up quite a few times. I personally love white smartphones. I loved my old colorware BlackBerry Curve 8320, will be buying the 9700 in white the second Rogers gets it in stock and will be buying a white BlackBerry Pearl 3G from whatever carrier releases it first. Even when it comes to devices like the iPhone, I like the look of the white one over the solid Black one. 

Of course, smartphones these days are starting to show up in more and more colors -- RIM is making the Pearl 3G available to carriers in a rainbow of colors -- but to see where things stand I'm curious to see how CrackBerry readers will vote in a white BlackBerry vs. black BlackBerry contest. So here's the poll question... if the BlackBerry you already own or are going to buy next were available in both white or black when you went to buy it, which color would you buy? Be sure to cast your vote above and sound off in the comments!

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