I'm always on the lookout to try and find a BlackBerry when I watch TV. Last night I was excited to find a Bold 9700 at the end of In Plain Sight. Sure we could just post a screencap, say how cool it was since most shows use an old Curve 83xx or maybe a Bold 9000 at best, but this time we're throwing in a little fun. If you watch the video above, you can see there is a semi-fake call screen and then a shot of the homescreen. If you have a keen eye you'll notice quite a few inconsistencies between the two. We can assume the "call screen" is really just a Photoshop that was tweaked a bit, but its still not accurate. Watch the video and see what you can spot. Hit the jump to see if you found everything I did (and if I missed anything be sure to leave a comment and let us know).

On incoming call screen:

  • No phone number shows under "Faber"
  • Answer/Ignore on screen are inaccurate
  • No carrier network is displayed

On homescreen:

  • Battery is in the red (on call screen it was 100%)
  • Device is in SOS (on call screen service bar was full)
  • Call screen shows one missed call and one email, homescreen only shows voicemail icon and NOT a missed call (but it should)

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