Looking for your first accessories for the BlackBerry Bold 9700? Here's Your Chance to Win One! Just leave a comment to this post letting us know which accessory you plan to buy first for your BlackBerry Bold 9700...

Accessories for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Accessories for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

When we posed the question recently asking What is the first accessory you'll buy for your BlackBerry Storm2?, it was clear that some form of protection - be it a leather case, rubber skin or invisible shield, was the most popular accessory category. When it comes to accessories for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, it is yet another new form factor from Research in Motion and thus need to be aware that some of your old stuff, but not all of it, will work.

Best Selling BlackBerry Bold 9700 Accessories

Though the Bold 9700 shares the same Bold name as its older 9000 model number sibling, the form factor is much different than its predecessor: its size is more Curve-like than Bold like, and similar to other newer BlackBerry Smartphones the Bold 9700 features a MicroUSB connection instead of the MiniUSB port found on the original Bold. The only consistent accessory component between the original Bold and the Bold 9700 is the battery - both use the same slim M-S1 battery. To see all compatible accessories for your BlackBerry Bold 9700 and stay on top of the latest cases, skins and accessories, simply visit our BlackBerry Bold 9700 Accessory page (link at the bottom of this article).

Contest: Now that the BlackBerry Bold 9700 has officially been announced, we'll do something a little bit different and celebrate the occassion by giving away some BlackBerry Bold 9700 Accessories! We already have OEM BlackBerry Bold 9700 skins in stock at ShopCrackBerry.com, so we'll give away three skins to three lucky winners. All you need to do is leave a comment to this post letting us know what's the first accessory you plan to buy for your BlackBerry Bold 9700. A car charger? A Bluetooth headset? Maybe a BlackBerry Bold 9700 charging dock? Let us know! Contest ends this Sunday, Oct.25th, at Midnight PST. *

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