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26 Apr 2010
16 May 2010
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Leaked 9650 OS Shows BlackBerry Bold 9650 User Guide

* Download Link: Click here to download the BlackBerry Bold 9650 User Guide * With the leaked 9650 OS today, the included user guide not so surprisingly shows the device as being labeled as the Bold 9650. As has been rumored before and stated many times since on the blogs and in the forums,...

BlackBerry Name Games: New BlackBerry Tour 9650 to hit the Market as a BlackBerry Bold (9750? 9650? 97xx?)?!!

OK. Here's the deal. Some rumors popped up on the net that the much-anticipated BlackBerry Tour 9650 (Tour2 as many refer to it as), which at the minimum ads WiFi and an optical trackpad to the original Tour 9630, is no longer going to be released as a Tour but rather as a BlackBerry Bold. I...



The BlackBerry Bold 9650 was a follow-up to the Tour 9630. It was the first BlackBerry to change from a trackball input to infrared touchpad. Besides that notable difference, the external hardware and internal specifications were more or less the same as the Tour. The memory was doubled and Wi-Fi capabilities were added. The BlackBerry Bold 9650 was released in May 2010.