BlackBerry Blend has finally arrived for those lucky enough to have a BlackBerry Passport or Porsche Design P'9983 and it's totally awesome. At the BlackBerry Passport launch event in Toronto, we caught up with Sanjay Nathwani, Product Manager at BlackBerry to get a closer look at BlackBerry Blend and some of the stuff you can do with the app on the whole.

Although the video comes in at nine minutes, it only just begins to explore all the stuff you can do with BlackBerry Blend and it's only going to get better from here on out. We'll have a full on look at BlackBerry Blend once we start digging into our BlackBerry OS 10.3 review but in the meantime, this video offers up a good look at BlackBerry Blend is all about, so give it a watch. PS: Don't mind my tongue getting twisted while trying to say BlackBerry Blend, I was excited! That's just how awesome Blend is once you start using it!