BlackBerry Blend for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.1.0.67

Although this release has been available since BlackBerry OS started rolling out, if you've not updated to that release or any version higher you can now officially update the BlackBerry Blend app for BlackBerry 10 to v1.1.0.67 from BlackBerry World. Hard to say what has changed though, as it looks like they used the same change log from a previous release.

New in this release:

  • Support for timed messages and message retraction in BBM
  • Blend now works with proxy servers
  • Attach files from your Android tablet
  • Security improvements

Enterprise features:

  • BBM Protected support
  • Support for corporate liable devices

The update should be appearing for everyone on 10.3 and above, so be sure to get it downloaded. A cautionary note though, once updated you will have to pair your device with your computer once again, so if you have Blend enabled for access over your wireless network you might want to wait to get home in order to update it as you potentially will lose access until you pair the two again. Now we'll have to wait and see when the desktop apps get updated, they're in need of some love as well. They've not been updated since December.

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