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BlackBerry Beta Zone: Makeover Edition

If for whatever reason you've not logged into the BlackBerry Beta Zone yet today, then you may not have noticed the latest changes. BlackBerry Beta Zone: Makeover Edition took place at some point over the night and now, the BlackBerry Beta Zone is prettier and more functional than ever. Based on the feedback, RIM made the following changes:

  • A more user friendly interface - We’ve redesigned the site from top to bottom. It’s more engaging to use, has more interactive elements, and offers a more intuitive user experience to make sure you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.
  • A clearer division between Business and Consumer beta programs - We’ve separated Beta Zone into two distinct sites: Beta Zone and Beta Zone for Business. Beta Zone for Business now has its own dedicated URL so users can more easily access enterprise programs, while consumer users only see content and programs that are of interest to them.
  • More opportunities to get involved - We know Beta Zone members have a lot to say, so we’ve added a blog-style newsfeed to provide the latest Beta Zone news and allow you to comment and share in the conversation. We’ll also be posting more frequent polls and surveys, ensuring that there are more opportunities than ever to provide your feedback.
  • Improved mobile experience - BlackBerry beta testers are always on the move, so we’ve optimized our mobile site to make it easier than ever to provide your feedback on-the-go. We’ve revised the mobile layout, simplified the download process, and added access to a number of features – all to improve your mobile beta testing experience. 

Needless to say, the changes are certainly appreciated and things look great over there. If you're a BlackBerry Beta Zone member, go ahead and login. I'm sure Kerri Birch, the Community Manager for the BlackBerry Beta Zone and the rest of the Beta Zone team is waiting to hear what you all think.

Check out the new BlackBerry Beta Zone

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