A new BlackBerry Beta Zone program is being rolled out to owners of BlackBerry 10 devices inviting them to sign up for "Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10". Sounds a bit weird, right? Sign into the BlackBerry Beta Zone to sign up for Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10.

Well, Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10 is actually an app itself that offers OTA downloads of BlackBerry Beta Zone apps. As an example, I can install BBM Channels directly to my device using the Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10 application. No need to run the autoloader or have a PC nearby, just grab it from the app. It's like BlackBerry World only for beta apps.

BlackBerry is currently sending out invites right now so be on the lookout for it, if you're a BlackBerry 10 device owner. Also, a good reminder to go ahead and update your BlackBerry Beta Zone profile with your new BlackBerry 10 device if you haven't already. You're not likely to get an invite for any BlackBerry 10 betas if you don't have a BlackBerry 10 device on your account.

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