Over time the battery door on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 starts to wear down. The edges get worn and scratched and overall it just starts to look beat up. If you want to get your device looking new again, the OEM BlackBerry Battery Door for the Bold 9930 and 9900 is the way to go. The battery door is the same one that comes with your device and will give you a fresh start when your old door just isn't cutting it. Keep reading to see it up close and personal.

The BlackBerry Battery Door for the Bold 9900 and 9930 really does get your device looking fresh again. My door has started to wear down quite a bit around the edges, so dropping $20 for a new one is really an easy way to kill my OCD. The new door is the same as the original (including NFC) so it's really a no brainer. If you've lost or broken your current battery door, or it's just too scratched up for your liking, pick up a shiny new one and have your Bold 9900 or 9930 looking like new again.


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