I used the word "great" 57 times in our BlackBerry Z10 Review to describe the phone. That's a lot of greats. One section of the review where I did not use the word "great" was in describing the Z10's battery life. 

Having used the Z10 for a few weeks now as I'm writing this, I'd say the battery life is OK-ish. There are some days when I make it from morning until bed without needing to top up (check out these tips to maximize battery life on the Z10). There have also been days under heavier use where the phone is running low on juice before dinner. The battery life is on par with a lot of other LTE devices out there, but for power users who have experienced amazingly-long battery life on older BlackBerry devices in the past, you'll find yourself wishing you could wedge a bigger battery in under the removable battery door (I tried it. It didn't work).

The good news is that BlackBerry has created a GREAT solution to help you keep powered day and night via the BlackBerry Charger Bundle for the Z10. The Battery Charger Bundle includes both a spare LS1 battery and a clever external mini battery charger with a built-in cable. The design allows you to charge both your spare battery and your Z10 at the same time. And if you don't have time to swap batteries or are using a case on your Z10 that's not easy to yank off, you can also plug the portable charger into your Z10 to keep the power flowing.

The Battery Charger Bundle has an MSRP of $49.99 (you can get it for less at ShopCrackBerry). Considering the LS1 battery by itself retails for $34.99, picking up the bundle is a no brainer. For the extra $15, the added value is more than worth it. Be sure to watch the video below to see the clever design in action.

The battery charger has a slim profile and narrow footprint -- it's small and easy to carry around -- and has a compartment in which you place the spare battery. There is a Micro USB port on the bottom right side of the device. This is where you plug in the Micro USB connector from your standard wall or car charger. Doing this will charge up the spare battery. However, the brilliant part here is that from the right side of the charger you can pop out the built-in cable that ends in a Micro USB connector. When you plug this end into your phone, you'll be charging both the spare battery and your Z10 at the same time. I've already made it habit to always charge this way when I go to bed each night. Also, if you ever want to recharge your Z10, you can simply use the battery bundle as a portable charger for it. With the spare battery charged and in the bundle, you can plug it into your Z10, hit the small power button and it will charge up your Z10 quick (30 minutes gives it a good boost!).

If you find your Z10's battery is running low during the day, you can always pop in the spare. What I really like about the charger's design thoughts that it's also comfortable to hold and use while attached to the phone. The built in cable is positioned in such a way that the charger can flip around and hold tight to the back of the Z10. So if you're on a phone call and suddenly realize your phone is about to die, you can just plug in the charger and fold it around the back of the Z10 and keep on talking.

The Must Have Accessory for the Z10: With almost every BlackBerry device that comes to market, it always feels like there is at least one must-have accessory for it. Right now, that's absolutely the BlackBerry Charger Bundle for the Z10. Talking to our CrackBerry Canada e-commerce team, these are selling out as fast as they get them in stock right now (as I publish this), and right now it's hard to get enough of them. If you can get one, grab it. Hopefully as the Z10 gets ready to hit the market in the USA we'll see a full inventory supply - it definitely feels like this is an accessory most Z10 owners will want to pick up.

Bottom line, the Z10 is a great phone and the more I use it the more I love it. I can't help but wish it shipped with a slightly bigger battery, like the 2100mAH one that is in the BlackBerry Q10, but having the Charger Bundle available when I need it has prevented me from ever running into the scenario of being out and about with a dead phone in my pocket. Plus, we've seen over the years that battery life tends to improve as BlackBerry rolls out more software updates. In the meantime, this one is a no-brainer for Z10 owners to pick up!   

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