BlackBerry Avatar Builder

A few days ago, we let you know about the free BlackBerry Avatar Builder that RIM released into BlackBerry App World. Shortly after its release, the app was pulled from App World with no explanation, leaving many people wondering why. After all, it was an official release from RIM, and it didn't have any obvious glitches or bugs, so it was a bit of a mystery to everyone. Well, not everyone... the app was brought up on the last CrackBerry Podcast, and Kevin mentioned it was likely pulled because, unlike all other apps developed and released by RIM, the Avatar Builder didn't make you agree to a lengthy EULA before using it.

Lo and behold, the Avatar Builder is back in App World today with an update to v1.0.1. I installed the update, and fired up the app, and guess what? Kevin was right, as usual. The miles long EULA popped up right away. So for those of you that tried to download the application and couldn't because it had been removed from App World, go ahead and give it a try now.

Download Avatar Builder Guys Edition
Download Avatar Builder Girls Edition

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