BlackBerry Assistant

BlackBerry tooks the wraps off BlackBerry Assistant today, which aims to provide voice actions for just about everything you could want to do with your phone. We've caught glimpses of Assistant through leaked BlackBerry 10.3 builds, and we suspect the whole affair is powered by Waterloo local Maluuba.

So what does BlackBerry Assistant do? Search e-mails, send calendar invites, see what's trending on Twitter, change notification profiles, and lots more. Queries can be typed in too, for those times you can't talk but still need something done quickly.

BlackBerry's Donny Halliwell was quick to emphasize the accuracy of BlackBerry Assistant, its compatibility with any Bluetooth device, and being able to complete tasks (like toggle the LED flashlight) without leaving the app.

How many of you guys are running a leaked version of 10.3? Have you been playing around with Assistant yet? What features would you like to see?

Source: Inside BlackBerry