BlackBerry apps for the job hunt

It can be argued that, when it comes to landing a job, the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” doesn’t seem to be as relevant anymore. There are fewer jobs available and the demands are high for potential candidates. Companies want to get the most out of each employee and they are expanding the search to incorporate other tools. They also want results and positions filled quickly. The classifieds in the local paper pale in comparison to the online tools both employers and employees can make use of. In your recent quest for a new job, how often have you searched through Craigslist postings and numerous job boards? How many times have you reached out to companies and recruiters on social networking sites, like Twitter, in order to get your online foot in the virtual door?

Several years ago, I responded to a posting that was, at the most, an hour old. The same day I received a phone call for an interview. Within a couple of days from the initial point of contact, I was hired. That’s the kind of results both employers and candidates want and need. The trick is to have the most optimal arsenal in your portfolio, to not only make you attractive, but also accessible.

You hear these days, that you have to establish your Brand. How do you project yourself? How is your online presence? When you “Google” your name, what comes up? For me, the first result is my blog here on CrackBerry. The second is my LinkedIn account. Hopefully for you, it’s not an embarrassing photo from college, or an article from the news reporting on your arrest. Employers don’t call up Mommy or Daddy to find out who you are, they go online. They key is to be on top of yourself, your brand and your information. If you want to do that while on the move, check out some applications that may help you.


Twitter for BlackBerry

Twitter is an amazing way to establish that first point of contact. Through it, you can search through hashtags and company names to find the right people to contact. The openness of Twitter provides a method of communication that bypasses the potential walls employers set up through phone lines. If you can pitch yourself within 140 characters, you stand a good chance of opening up a dialog with the right person. Through the Twitter for BlackBerry app, you can perform searches, lists and edit your profile to make it more attractive (like a cover letter), add links to an online resume and find other Twitter users that can help you land a job.

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LinkedIn is one of the best ways to put your resume, and accomplishments online. It’s a powerful networking tool, if used correctly. You can search and identify people who work for a company that you are interested in. With valuable contacts, you can inquire who the best points of contact are and also use them as a reference. Of course you have to make sure your LinkedIn account reflects who you are and what you are looking for. Make sure it’s complete, as an uncompleted account may show what your work habits are like. Hmm, I should make sure mine is done. The LinkedIn BlackBerry app helps you manage your status, search information about companies, and receive messages/updates from connections.

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More and more companies are using Facebook to connect with customers, as well as potential employees. You can create a powerful portfolio on Facebook- an online collection of accomplishments, photos of your successes and status updates on what you are up to professionally. While your resume may help with your first impression, a properly managed Facebook account makes a lasting impression. The Facebook application puts you in contact with friends/colleagues easily through wall posts, email or private messages. Upload images as they are captured, find useful groups and like company accounts.

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Pocket Resume

Pocket Resume

You’ve toiled over your resume to make sure it summarizes you perfectly. You carefully print copies off and make sure to store them neatly, so there are no wrinkles, folds or creases. You take them with you to drop off to employers or email them off to online postings. You don’t carry them with you at all times, so what happens when you make contact with someone that really needs to see it? Creating, storing and emailing a resume from your BlackBerry can all be done through Pocket Resume. It neatly organizes your information into categories, just as you normally would from your computer. Make it pop with the right layout, font and colour. Your resume and CV can be exported to PDF and emailed right from your BlackBerry.

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Confident Job Interview

Confident Job Interview

Sometimes, no matter how much you know you are prefect for the position, you are still somewhat nervous of the interview. Will you stumble on an answer? Can you control your bleeding? Can you stop staring at the booger fluttering at the edge of the hiring manager’s right nostril? Inside the Confident Job Interview, you can look into audio hypnosis sessions that help you relax, work through fears and gain confidence before that important interview. You can also access accompanying videos and interviews to make you understand the process.

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SearchCraig - Craigslist


Craigslist is a free and easy way to post jobs and search for jobs. First of all, it already categorizes the jobs postings and allows you to easily see the dates posted, location and (in most cases) the company in question. To help you sort through postings on Craigslist, you can try SearchCraig. From it, you can also reply to postings, perform advanced searches and perhaps create posts of your own.

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Interview Practice

Interview Practice

They do say Practice Makes Perfect, so you put on your best outfit and look at yourself in the mirror. You rehearse your mannerisms, your tone and that persuasive smile. Do you know how to handle the questions? Do you know how to act in certain situations? Interview Practice does and it’s willing to share some advice with you. Within it are dozens of standard Q & A that you will expect to see and handy Do’s and Don’ts to follow. Get those answers down correctly, as you may not get a second chance.

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Beyond that, you can also point your browser to sites like, and to search for jobs, gain valuable tips and promote yourself. Before you head off to that interview, make sure you put in a tie - if you're not sure, check out How to Tie a Tie. Has your BlackBerry helped land you a job? What apps do you use to get your name out there? Let us know and happy job hunting!

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