BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal

Today BlackBerry App World vendors/developers are getting notified that the vendor portal (site where developers login to manage all of their apps) has been updated to version 2.0. The update brings some slight changes on the backend of things, but nothing "visible" on the consumer end just yet. Updates for vendors include a new vendor credit system, change request management and enhanced application language management. This is a good sign overall for consumers as well however. With the new upgrade we can assume hope that "BlackBerry App World 2.0" may be popping up on devices soon. WES is just a short week away (give or take a few days) and would be the opportune time to announce or even launch an updated version. So while there is nothing new on the front at this point, fingers crossed for a bigger, badder App World in the coming weeks. Vendors can access the new portal from