BlackBerry App World Stats

During the general session keynote at BlackBerry DevCon Europe, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins took the stage for the first time and, along with VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders, spoke a bit on the success of BlackBerry App World. We've seen some numbers before, but they just keep getting bigger every time. In addition to noting that 13% of BlackBerry developers make over $100,000 from their apps BlackBerry App World, RIM hit a milestone in January this year as they reached over 2 billion total downloads with 6 million coming daily. BlackBerry App World supports 26 currencies in 164 countries and currently has over 60,000 apps available for consumers. RIM stands by the fact that BlackBerry apps are still the most profitable for developers as well. Some interesting numbers here that will certainly keep growing as we move toward BlackBerry 10 devices later in the year. More to come from BlackBerry DevCon Europe so stay tuned!